A dental bridge can be a great option for filling a gap in your mouth where one or more teeth are missing. Dental bridges can help you get that perfect smile back, but they have many other benefits as well. Read on to learn how dental bridges can help your whole mouth, what they are, and how they are made.

Dental bridges are great for doing the following:

• Restore your smile (which can make you more confident)

• Restore your abilities to chew and speak properly

• Keep the shape of your face intact

• Distribute the forces in your bite evenly

• Keep your remaining teeth in place (an imbalance caused by missing teeth can cause jaw problems or gum disease)

How do dental bridges work?

A dental bridge is attached to the existing teeth surrounding the gap. We make a mold to fit inside your mouth and cement your replacement teeth into place.

Dental bridges can often last a lifetime, if taken care of properly. It is important to practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing, flossing, and having regular professional cleanings. Your dental bridge can come loose or fall out if the teeth holding it in place become damaged by any type of dental disease. We also recommend avoiding chewing ice or hard foods if you have a dental bridge.

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