Dental crowns are commonly used for a variety of different situations. Some of these are as follows:

• To make a cosmetic change/modification

• To protect a weak or cracked tooth from completely breaking

• To restore a broken tooth

• To support a tooth with a large filling

• To hold a dental bridge in place

• To cover a discolored or misshapen tooth

• To cover a dental implant

Dental crowns are a permanent fix, as they are capped and cemented onto an existing tooth. They can be used to improve the shape, appearance, or alignment of your tooth.

How are they made?

The process will usually take more than one appointment. The first step will be reducing the tooth so the crown will fit over it. Then we will take an impression to make a mold for the crown. We will try to match the color of the crown to your existing teeth so it blends in. The final crown may take time to make, so you may have to wear a temporary crown and come in for a second appointment to have it fitted.

What materials do we use?

At Dental Innovations, we use porcelain crowns for a number of reasons. We can make porcelain crowns in more natural colors than other types of crowns. This makes them an ideal choice for front teeth. They are also ideal for anyone with a metal allergy.